Kiva S. Hutton, LCSW

Everyone needs to have a sense of belonging and acceptance, to be heard and understood, and to have the guidance and support while maneuvering through life's challenges, changes, transitions, & losses.


Choosing the right therapist for you is a personal decision. My style is profoundly built on the therapeutic alliance, rapport building approach, and engaging and working with my clients exactly where they are at. I employ several techniques and methods that help my clients gain insight, a better understanding of things, develop a deeper self-acceptance, and create an overall healing experience in a supportive setting.


I believe in my clients and the power each of them have in producing positive change in their life.  I trust the healing process and embrace the uniqueness of every individual & family unit.  I have a genuine care and concern for each person's story and provide an empathetic and compassionate listening ear.



Where to Find Me


My private practice office is located inside the:


Kayenta Legacy Bldg
 9402 W. Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas,NV 89134



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Client Forms

If you would like the forms prior to your initial appointment, please email me at 

and I will send you the new client forms for you to print out and complete prior to your first session with me.

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